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The Great Shabbat
When: March 27, 2015 @7pm
Where: New Beginnings Church
2000 Forum Parkway
Bedford, TX 76021
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Watch Live: Click here to watch live via nbStream March 27, 2015 @7pm

about this event

Passover and the other biblical holidays are landmarks on God’s calendar for the miraculous to be released. Every year, as we arrive at these appointed times God gives us the opportunity to tap into the heavenly storehouse and receive a fresh outpouring of wisdom, revelation knowledge and abundant blessing. It’s the first season of the first of three First Fruit Offerings.

The Great Shabbat commemorates the great miracle which occurred on this day, several days before the Exodus. This is when Israel was commanded by God to take a lamb which would be sacrificed in preparation of the plague of the firstborn. The lamb, which was a sacred object of worship to the Egyptians, demonstrated once again that the Egyptians were powerless to stop God and thus the Jewish people. It was a sign that the end of slavery, bondage and suffering was at hand and the enemy could not stop it.

This is a picture of salvation for us today. As Christians we receive Jesus as our Passover Lamb. Through Him we receive not only forgiveness of sin but freedom from every enemy that comes to block our blessing; including sin, sickness, poverty and generational curses. Jesus entered Jerusalem for the final time on the Great Shabbat and for the multitudes who received Him as Messiah, a new beginning was released.

We invite you to join us for this celebration of the miraculous. It’s a new opportunity to enforce your authority over all the power of the enemy; to receive a new anointing to overcome in every area of life! It’s your season for a new beginning!

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