About NBChurch

For over 40 years, Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch have dedicated their lives and ministry to winning souls and teaching God's people how to win. As founders of seven churches, including two in Australia, they have given a lifetime to helping people realize that ‘no matter who you are or what you've done, Jesus has a New Beginning for you.’

Since coming to Dallas in late 2004, New Beginnings has become one of the fastest growing congregations in America. The church is characterized by a sincere love for people, dynamic music, being distinctly multi–racial, and of course anointed preaching and ministry that releases people from every walk of life into their God-given destiny.

Pastor Larry's signature combination of humor, anointed teaching and deep understanding of the Bible creates an incredible anticipation within the church membership. People come to church every week expecting not only to worship the Lord but also expecting another life–changing opportunity to experience the power of God.

Pastor and Tiz have a passionate commitment to see you succeed in every area of your life. Their enthusiasm, compassion for ordinary people, motivational style and cutting-edge revelation will make an immediate and lasting difference in your life, your family and your future.

The Huchs are the proud parents of three wonderful children (and a terrific son–in–law and daughter–in–law) who are all active in ministry. Their four grandchildren, the Sugars, are the loves of their lives!

The Huch History

In 1975, Larry Huch was a man searching for answers. He was lost in a world of crime, violence and drug addiction. Running from the law and searching for a power greater than himself, he was looking in all the wrong places. Little did he know that God was looking for him. When he finally found the answer to his hurt, loneliness and addiction, it was in a tiny church in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Lord had called him to a new beginning…

Through the power and love of God, Larry received salvation and experienced a profound and powerful deliverance from drug addiction. Forever changed in that instant, Larry's life had a clear and awesome new purpose. He and Tiz were married in February, 1977, and together they began a journey which has spanned thirty years and two continents.

Pastors Larry and Tiz, and their family, have committed their lives to sharing the love and power of God with the World. They have remained joyfully faithful to the Lord, pioneering churches from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Melbourne, Australia.

In 1989 the Lord called them to Portland, Oregon. With a passion for souls and a heart for the lost, Pastors Larry and Tiz led a handful of believers, and were blessed over the fifteen years they served there to see their church grow to a culturally diverse congregation of several thousand members!

Though their life and ministry were settled in Portland, in 2004 they once again felt the gentle prodding of the Holy Spirit. The Lord was calling them to Dallas, Texas and once again, they were faithful to His call. They relocated their lives and family, and began a new and thrilling work in November, 2004 – New Beginnings!

After prayerful consideration, they felt the Lord lead them to release the Portland church to their staff there. It was a bittersweet time, but as always, God was more than faithful!

In the short time the Huchs have been in Dallas, they have been both challenged and thrilled as the congregation has quickly grown to several thousand members! The Huchs and their ministry have experienced incredible favor and opportunity since moving to Dallas. They sincerely believe that God has brought them to the DFW area in order to better touch the world with the love and power of God, the message of Generational Curses, the revelation of the "Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood", and the vital understanding of our Jewish Roots.

God continues to use the Huchs and their ministry in a national and international capacity, as they continue in their committed passion to share God's Word, love and the revelation of freedom with those in need around the World.

And it's just the beginning!
We believe that the Bible, in its entirety is the inspired Word of God and is true. - 2 Timothy 3:16

We believe in One God, as Creator of all heaven and earth who has revealed Himself in the Scriptures.

We believe that the Bible - Genesis through Revelation - is God’s divinely inspired Word.

We believe that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is the Messiah and the Son of God; and we also believe in His virgin birth, His sinless life, and His miracles. We believe in His complete and atoning death, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the right hand of God the Father, and in His personal return to this earth in power and glory, and that He is now both Lord and Christ.

We believe in restoring the Jewish roots of the Christian faith; that as believers we are grafted into Israel and the revelation and heritage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through faith in the Messiah. We believe in celebrating Shabbat and the Biblical Holidays and in the importance of restoring the biblical symbols of faith including the Tallit and the mezuzah.

We believe personal salvation and eternal life have been provided for all people through the redemptive work of the Lord.

We believe through the redemptive work of our Lord, our enemy, satan, is a defeated foe. That by the power of the 7 places Jesus shed His blood every sin can be forgiven, every generational curse can be broken and every covenant blessing can be restored.

We believe in the power of Water Baptism and receiving Communion.

We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a distinct experience from salvation that is evidenced by speaking in tongues.

We believe that signs, wonders and miracles including divine healing are part of the Redemptive work of the Lord.

We believe every believer is a part of the body of Christ, should be planted in the house of the Lord and participate weekly in church.

We believe every believer is to grow and mature in the things of God including study of the Word, prayer, tithing, serving, good works and living a righteous life.

We believe in the personal return of the Messiah and in a bodily resurrection of the dead; of both the just and the unjust.